Music Direction

It takes a lot more than piano skills to bring a musical to life — conducting a pit orchestra, planning rehearsals, teaching parts, hiring musicians, polishing performances — if the quality of music in your next production is important to you, these are elements you don’t want left to chance. You’re going to need an experienced music director.

“I just have to repeat myself, and tell you that you did such a wonderful job as Music Director. I’m soooo glad you were ours.” – Tom Adams, composer of On the Brink

Specializing in premiering new works and interpreting pre-orchestration piano scores, Music Director Jessica Hunt is well-versed in facilitating the creative conversation between composer and production team. With her ability to quickly interpret and communicate musical ideas from the page alone, Jessica elevates concert readings of new musicals from simply “the right notes” to a fully developed performance of the score – making the experience more valuable for everyone from the actors and authors to the audience.

“Thank you so much for everything. You are amazing!! We could not get over your level of professionalism and your unbelievable talent. You were truly a pleasure to work with! Thanks again!” – Ruth Altschul

Jessica has worked with actors ages 5 to 75, with small ensemble casts of 4 up to choruses of 92, and with first-time performers and seasoned union actors alike. No matter the experience level of your cast, Jessica’s background in vocal pedagogy allows her to communicate with both singers and non-singers — helping them find the right sound for your show, and developing vocal techniques and confidence that will last a ifetime.

“Your positive attitude gave everyone a feeling of self confidence, even when those notes seemed very high or low.” – the producers of Cinderella

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