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You have ideas for a symphony. A sonata. A song. Maybe you have a melody stuck in your head that the world needs to hear. Maybe you have a few notes here, a few rhythms there, and a few harmonies to boot, but are stuck on how to put it all together. Now what? You need an experienced composer and teacher to show you how to turn your ideas into a finished product.

JHM offers a range of composition coaching and assistance services:

  • Feedback & Coaching Sessions
  • Proofreading and Notation Consultations
  • Traditional Composition Lessons
  • Ghostwriting
  • And more…

No matter your experience level, no matter your knowledge of music theory, and no matter the style or genre you want to write in, JHM will help you get your ideas on the page and teach you the skills you need to know to develop confidence and independence in your composition and songwriting.

We design lesson formats, exercises, and curriculum to fit your technical knowledge, stylistic preferences, learning style and compositional goals. To learn more about JHM’s teaching philosophy, studio guidelines and pricing check out the Lessons FAQ.


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