On this page you can find all the recordings and videos posted throughout the site in one convenient location. Note that only a portion of the catalogue is online; if you see something on the works-list you’d like to hear, just drop us a line to let us know!

Thurso’s Landing – Symphonic Suite (2016)

“Death Is…” from Thurso’s Landing (2015)

This Is A Test Of The Emergency Emotional Overload System™ (2017)

The Nightwatch (2017)

…And So I Looked To The River (2018)

excerpts from In This America (2018)

Three Impromptus (2010)

Excerpts from Three Impromptus for Organ and Brass Quintet (performed by R. Benjamin Dobey and the Gaudete Brass Quintet)


on a Desert Valley (2015)

For large chamber winds (15 players), performed here by Ensemble 20+ conducted by Michael Lewanski (featuring Tim Hunt).

Taraxacum (2014)

For mixed chamber quintet (flute/alto, clarinet/bass clarinet, high voice, cello, double bass).

anti[syn]thesis (2012)

For antiphonal double brass quintet, recorded in rehearsal with the Gaudete Brass Quintet and Fulcrum Point New Music.

Lucid (2010)

An excerpt from an incidental score for the Jeff Recommended world premiere production of Lucid by Tony Fiorentino.

Christmas Suite (2010)

Silent Night from Christmas Suite (performed by the Gaudete Brass Quintet)

Away in a Manger from Christmas Suite (performed by the Gaudete Brass Quintet)

Sheet Music Now Available
Christmas suite SCORE & PARTS


Parker Poesies (2009)

Coda from Parker Poesies (performed by Brittany Moffitt, vocalist, with JHM at the piano)

Celebration Columbia (2009)

Celebration Columbia (for string quartet and big band) is the result of winning the graduating class competition to write the theme for the 2009 Columbia College commencement ceremonies.

Three Etudes (2008)

Three Movements for Brass (2008)

Recorded by the Gaudete Brass Quintet.

Il Capitano e Columbina (2008)

Excerpts from Il Capitano e Columbina (performed in a reading by the International Contemporary Ensemble)

Songs of Autumn (2007)

Five songs for baritone and piano setting the text of Robinson Jeffers.  Recorded in rehearsal with vocalist Kevin Prina.

Astri Orion (2007)

Astri Orion, string quartet, performed by members of Dal Niente.

Etchings (2007)

An excerpt from a score for a student film.

Schema (2007)

For violin and piano.

Eridani (2006)

For cello and piano.

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