Audio sneak peek from Thurso’s Landing

I’ll keep this update short and “suite” — pun definitely intended.  Check out the recording of the Symphonic Suite from Thurso’s Landing performed by the DePaul Symphony Orchestra under the baton of Cliff Colnot!  Program notes are below the audio.

“Thurso’s Landing is an opera in two acts based on Robinson Jeffers’ epic narrative poem by the same title. The opera is set in the summers of 1932 and 1933 during the construction of Highway One and the real-life location of Bixby Bridge in California. The Thurso family, which dwells in a failing farmhouse far back in this ravine, struggles to come to terms with the modernization of the California landscape, the intrusion of outsiders, and spectres of a troubled familial legacy, challenging their own ideas of loyalty, identity, love and morality.

This Symphonic Suite explores various instrumental materials, textures, and dramaturgical vocabularies that will be further developed throughout the course of writing Thurso’s Landing. Presently included materials illustrate the dynamite crew blasting away at a steep cliff face, the passions of Helen Thurso, the rigid coldness of Reave Thurso, and the wild, swirling thoughts that lead Helen to a critical decision at the climax of act II.”


Until next time – JH

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