Audio sneak peek from Thurso’s Landing

I’ll keep this update short and “suite” — pun definitely intended.  Check out the recording of the Symphonic Suite from Thurso’s Landing performed by the DePaul Symphony Orchestra under the baton of Cliff Colnot!  Program notes are below the audio.

“Thurso’s Landing is an opera in two acts based on Robinson Jeffers’ epic narrative poem by the same title. The opera is set in the summers of 1932 and 1933 during the construction of Highway One and the real-life location of Bixby Bridge in California. The Thurso family, which dwells in a failing farmhouse far back in this ravine, struggles to come to terms with the modernization of the California landscape, the intrusion of outsiders, and spectres of a troubled familial legacy, challenging their own ideas of loyalty, identity, love and morality.

This Symphonic Suite explores various instrumental materials, textures, and dramaturgical vocabularies that will be further developed throughout the course of writing Thurso’s Landing. Presently included materials illustrate the dynamite crew blasting away at a steep cliff face, the passions of Helen Thurso, the rigid coldness of Reave Thurso, and the wild, swirling thoughts that lead Helen to a critical decision at the climax of act II.”


Until next time – JH

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2016 Women Composers Festival of Hartford – UPDATE

JHM’s aria “Death Is…” from opera-in-progress Thurso’s Landing has been selected for performance in the 2016 Women Composers Festival of Hartford!  ”Death Is…” was selected in the professional voice and piano division.

Stay tuned for more updates about the WCF performance and check out the Opera Blog for more details!

UPDATE: An additional work by JHM has been selected for the same festival in a different performance category!  Hunt’s Three Movements for Brass (originally commissioned by the Gaudete Brass Quintet) is one of three works selected to be performed by the Nautilus Brass Quintet at the WCF festival in 2016.

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2016 Ear Taxi Festival – Gaudete Brass Quintet

The Gaudete Brass Quintet has commissioned Jessica to write her seventh piece for the ensemble.  The new 10-minute work, as-yet untitled, will be given its world premiere at the 2016 Chicago Ear Taxi Festival (details below).

The concert will be one of many exciting new music events occurring throughout the festival weekend, on Saturday, October 8th, 2016, 12pm, at the Preston Bradley Concert Hall (in the Chicago Cultural Center).  Gaudete will be appearing alongside the Civitas Ensemble, and the concert will also feature world premieres of works by Stacy Garrop, Hope Littwin, and Clay Mettens.

Stay tuned for updates on this new work!




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New Composition & Recording Project

We wanted to be the first to tell you that The Paul and Jessica Make an Album Project is officially under way! Paul Von Hoff (trombonist extraordinaire) and Jessica (as composer and pianist) are joining forces on this project to create, perform, and ultimately record exciting new chamber music for the trombone.

More details will be released as they become available, so stay tuned! Be sure to check out Paul’s website here!

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Jeffers, Freud & Physics (oh my!)

Check out JHM’s latest Opera Blog post on the correlation between Jeffers, Freud & Physics as it relates to her work on the libretto and music for Thurso’s Landing. What do the Id, Ego and Superego have to do with the properties of centripetal and centrifugal force?  Find out!

As always, drop us a line if you have questions about the process of writing an opera – your next question could be featured in an upcoming post!

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New Opera Blog post!

Just dying to know all about the progress being made on Thurso’s Landing, JHM’s first full-length opera? You are in luck!  Head on over to the Opera Blog to read about the process of adapting a libretto from source material, and JHM’s breakthrough on outline.  Got questions about the opera-writing process? Drop JHM a line to ask a question and you could be featured in our next post!

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anti[syn]thesis – work complete!

It is a great pleasure to announce that anti[syn]thesis for antiphonal double brass quintet (commissioned by the Gaudete Brass Quintet) is now complete. Look for an announcement soon regarding the premiere by GBQ and friends!

Drop us a line if you are interested in learning more about this piece or seeing a perusal score.

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Happy Holidays from JHM!

Here’s wishing you the best of the season and a happy new year to you and yours.  May your holiday be filled with love, laughter and music!

Please enjoy these holiday videos from JHM’s Christmas Suite as performed by the Gaudete Brass Quintet. To learn more about the piece click here, and to purchase sheet music click here.

Away In A Manger

Silent Night

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Online Store Launches

It’s official – the JHM e-store is now online with its first product up and available for purchase! Check out Buy Music to learn more – the inaugural item is the full score and parts for Three Impromptus for Organ & Brass Quintet (in a bound hard copy edition).  You can learn more about that piece here.

We’ll be adding new sheet music and even some digital downloads soon, so check back often. If you don’t see what you are looking for, please drop us a line and let us know. We’ll keep making announcements here on the news feed each time a new item goes live in the store, so you’ll never miss a beat (pun definitely intended).

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International Women’s Brass Conference

JHM is excited to announce that Jessica’s “Three Movements for Brass Quintet” (2008) will be played by the Gaudete Brass Quintet at this year’s International Women’s Brass Conference.  What an honor!  If you are in or around Kalamazoo this June consider checking it out.  There are many great composers and ensembles featured this year.

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