Thurso’s Landing

Thurso’s Landing (work began in 2012) (ca. 2 hours) for Soloists, Chorus, and Chamber Orchestra in two acts


The first excerpt-able section of Thurso’s Landing is complete and is already gathering attention!  ”Death Is…” (Helen’s Act II Scene iii aria) has been selected for performance at the Women Composers Festival of Hartford in 2016 in the professional voice and piano division.  Look for video of the performance here in mid-March.

Listen above to the Symphonic Suite from Thurso’s Landing played by the DPSO under the baton of Cliff Colnot.

About Thurso’s Landing

Thurso’s Landing will be Mrs. Hunt’s first full-length opera with a libretto based on the epic narrative poem by Robinson Jeffers.

Set in summer in the early 1930′s near the real-life location of Bixby’s Bridge in California, the story follows the Thurso family as each member struggles to come to terms with the changing California landscape, the troubling interference of outsiders, betrayal and fear, all the while being forced to challenge their own ideas of self, morality, loyalty and dignity.

The musical vocabulary explores structural ideas of centrifugal vs. centripetal force as it relates theoretically to rhythmic, dramatic, and melodic convergence, long-term motivic development and psychological illustration, textural motif, intervallically derived subsets and scales, and maintaining the balance of prosodaic result between textual and textural thematic emphasis.

Follow the evolving story of the creation of the opera over at the Opera Blog!

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